Prisonscape Alpha 5 Release

NOTE: Release notes might contain spoilers!

Release Notes


  • [PS-25] – [County Jail] Add POIs to west wing
  • [PS-26] – Add item ‘Body Butter’
  • [PS-29] – Enable player to skip a whole cutscene
  • [PS-30] – Implement sound effects v1
  • [PS-36] – [Sewers] Add Mancini’s death cutscene
  • [PS-39] – [Miranda] Write dialogue for ‘Harris’
  • [PS-41] – Add comic book talk for Lobster
  • [PS-42] – Add dialogue options
  • [PS-43] – Remove cutscenes from T-Bone and Mack scenes
  • [PS-44] – [County Jail] Make sure that the Big Bob quests work properly
  • [PS-67] – [County Jail] Create POIs for the north wing


  • [PS-31] – Replace Ogg sound engine with MP3 engine
  • [PS-68] – Rework how licenses are referenced in the project
  • [PS-70] – Refactor Direction class to enum

3 thoughts on “Prisonscape Alpha 5 Release

      • We have our own internal testers for the alpha stage. People who pre-ordered will get a link to download builds during the beta.

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