Introducting County Jail

Prisonscape consists of four different areas: County jail, a prison unit called ‘Miranda’ and two other, MYSTERIOUS areas (I’m sure that some of you figure out why they’re kept secret at this point). In this blog post I will make a short introduction on County jail, the first area that is very close to getting finished.

It’s the place criminals go to wait for their sentencing, and because most inmates spend only little time in there, it doesn’t have many luxuries and it isn’t very well-kept. There’s no cafeteria since the lunches (containing food-like products) are served in paper bags, everything is dirty and the most of the time the TVs are broken.

The thing that makes this place so interesting (and also scary) is that in county jail the inmates crimes can be anything from DIU to first degree murder, and since most criminals aren’t the most honest fellows, it is sometimes difficult to determine if these people are friendly or just trying to manipulate you to do their bidding. Many inmates have little jobs for you to do around the jail, and this is the best way to get recognized inside. The other way is to fight, but starting fights with random inmates will get you on the shit list for both the guards and the inmates, so pick your fights carefully!

These jobs vary from really easy and trivial like this:

To more complex and time-consuming like this:

Since the player character is white, your only choice for gang activity is the Aryan Brotherhood, but if you decide to stay neutral, there are lots of inmates who are giving you small jobs that will raise your reputation amongst the general population who aren’t interested in the gang banging. You can even do some snitching for the guards, but be careful that you don’t get caught, since the old saying ‘snitches get stitches’ applies also to this place.

Of course there will be some new features added to the game that will also be applied to County jail, and dialogue for the inmates and guards will be expanded and iterated during the future development, but at it’s current state, CJ is a nice little playable area which shows the basic features of Prisonscape nicely. We have already started working on the next area, Miranda, which will be much larger area with lots of NPC’s to interact (and fight) with.