30.10.2013 #pixelshit Wednesday

It’s great to see so many submissions already and all of them look great. It seems, that all of you lied about being a bad artist…

We have a theme for the next Wednesday, and it is nightmares. Draw something horrifying, be it a giant spider or your second grade English teacher. Here are some additional rules for the coming week:

  • Minimum size is 32 x 32, maximum size 128 x 128 pixels
  • This submission is limited to 16 colors
  • Upload the image Imgur if possible. If not, use Twitter image uploader
  • You can of course submit multiple drawings if you want
  • When Wednesday comes (any timezone), tweet your creation with the hashtag #pixelshit (or if you need SFW hashtag, use #pixelWeek)

Week 1 submissions:



























Introducing NPC’s, part three

It’s time to introduce another batch of NPC’s of Prisonscape. Which one do you find the most interesting? We have also started doing regular game development live streams on twitch.tv. Stay tuned for the updates on these through Twitter, @Prisonscape.


Hank is a sadistic inmate who is part of the Aryan Brotherhood. He does not seem to mind being in prison for the rest of his life, and at times he actually seems to enjoy sitting behind bars. He’s not officially part of the leaders of the Brand, but some suspect that he whispers all the big decisions to Big Bob’s ear for which he takes no credit. Nobody in the prison seems to know what Hank was sentenced for, but many suspect that it involved multiple sadistic homicides.

The Doctor

‘The Doc’ is an African witch-doctor who came to America to make his fortune selling remedies and voodoo curses. Instead he got incarcarated for killing some of his patients unintentionally. He whines and begs for dope, smoke and everything that has value, and when he’s refused, he blames people of racism. He also tried to start a career as a plastic surgeon by injecting glue, concrete and other not-so-healthy substances into desperate women’s behinds and cheeks. He has filed most lawsuits against the prison and the state amongst the inmates in California.

The General

The General is an old army man who was sentenced for tax evasion and embezzlement. He was part of a ponzi scheme that made him a millionaire, and the General genuinely thought that he was making a legal business. General has a way with explosives and army tactics, and he can also teach the player different stealth maneuvers.


Tiago Silva

Tiago is a serial killer who’s been convicted for manslaughter. Few years back, he killed his boyfriend who tried to run away once he found out about Tiago’s past. He hasn’t been sentenced for over 30 murders he has committed in the last 20 years. Tiago is not involved in any of the latino gangs inside Miranda. Tiago is a sociopath and extremely intelligent and most people either fear or respect him.

#pixelshit Wednesday

All indie game developers without any artistic ability, unite! We have created an amazing, weekly pixel challenge for you and the only requirement for joining our little group is to be BAD at art. Our goal is to become better at this by putting up our pixel-y creations for the public so that we can get creative feedback on them. Hopefully we can get some proper artists to give some constructive feedback on them, too!


I spent over 10 hours on this.

As this is the first week and it’s already Saturday, we’ll start with something fairly simple – draw a 2D character of either size of 16×16 or 32×32 pixels. Colors are limited to 8. This submission will be used to determine if you are bad enough for our group (just kidding, everyone’s welcome). Upload your image to Imgur and when Wednesday comes, link the said image to Twitter under hashtag #pixelshit. If you have questions, send me a Tweet to @Prisonscape.

Godspeed, gentlemen.

Gossip is the devil’s radio – or building a dialogue system for Prisonscape

Inmates in Prisonscape (and in real life prisons, too, I’d reckon) love gossip. The stories that these people tell about each other can also make them a target of hate and violence or raise them to a great reputation amongst other inmates. Because most of the NPC’s in the game have unique pasts, crimes and stories, we decided to build an extensive dialogue and gossip system which can be used by the player to get information about the NPC’s and their past.

The system itself is very simple – each inmate has some stories to share and they’ll be happy to do it if the player is in good relations with them or the faction they’re part of. Some NPC’s will of course lie to you, as some prisoners tend to. The player can also spread rumours about some inmates, making them lose reputation within their own factions (this might come in handy if the player wants to fight that inmate but doesn’t want the faction to get mad at him). Gossiping is affected by the player’s Intelligence stat.

The player also needs to pay attention to what he’s saying to certain inmates. These choices often cannot be reversed and they might result in some dramatic changes in the player’s social relations with other inmates and guards. This also applies to fighting – aggression towards the wrong guys at the wrong time will lower your reputation and put you in the infirmary and probably in the hole, too.

This means that it takes only one turn to screw up your game completely by making stupid choices. Nintendo Hard!