What’s going on

It has been a while since our last update, and I think it’s time to sum up what we’ve done in the last few weeks and what are our plans for the future. Tuomas has been busy with the key features such as inventory and item handling and these are coming along just nicely. Next up is the job system, which will require a lot of iteration and testing since it has a lot of moving parts.


We’ve pretty much finished the first version of the County Jail. This means that the graphic tiles and the layout are done but we still have to polish it by adding details, light and shadows, etc. The County Jail is the first “chapter” in the game and the player goes there to wait for a trial on his wrongdoings. It is designed to be a temporary residence for the inmates, but some people stay in county jails for years, waiting for their trial date. This is where the player gets to know some of the major non-player characters and learns about basic game mechanics, such as fighting and trading.


We’ve also started working on the sprites, so in the near future we can introduce a bunch of new and interesting NPCs you’ll find in the game. We want to create a library of body types, body parts, hairstyles, etc. so we can easily build a large reserve of NPCs to throw inside the jail. As the prison environment itself is quite a boring place, we want to add more color and variation by creating interesting looking characters to interact with.

We also have a very talented guy working on the sound effects. He already made some convincing stabbing sounds that made me cringe (in a good way!), and we are very confident that he’ll provide us with some of the best effects the indie gaming world has seen in a while. We also have negotiations with experienced musicians about the music in Prisonscape.

So, that’s what’s going on. Now listen to this amazing song that will put you in that ‘Doing time’ mood:


Introducing NPCs, part 1

In this blog post I’m going to introduce some of the NPCs that you will see in Prisonscape. If you don’t want any spoilers, you should probably stop reading right about now.
Big Bob

Being the highest ranking officer, Big Bob is the leader of the Aryans in County Jail. He has gained his status mostly because his brother is the division leader of the western sect of Aryan Brotherhood. He offers a lot of jobs for the player if he wishes to join ‘The Brand’. He is not liked even among his own men, and he leads mostly through fear. He is a big, fat and bald man who usually thinks only of himself.


Lobster got his nickname because he has red hair and blushes easily. He is a computer geek who was sentenced to prison for breaking into MIT’s network in order to obtain research material. He is a skinny guy who enjoys consuming different kinds of drugs. He’s not really a drug addict, but more of a researcher in the field of drugs. Sometimes he offers the player some of the more exotic substances. Lobster is one of the friendlier guys inside the prison.

He can teach player the Computer skill.

It would be nice to hear what kind of NPCs you would like to see in the game. If you have any ideas, please write a comment!